Classic $18 

Signature $33 

Gel $36 

Nails Enhancement

Dip Powder $48 

-Add tips $7 

Full Set Acrylic $37 

Fill-in Acrylic $27 

Full Set Pink & White $55 

Fill Pink $32 

Fill White $45 


Lip $8 

Chin $10 & up

Eyebrows $12 

Underarm $20 & up

Full Face $45 & up

Leg $45 & up

(from knee down)


French/ American $5 

Shiny Buffing $5 

Design $5 & up

Long Nails $5 & up

Trim Finger/ Toe Nails $5 / $7

Soak Off $10 


Last Long Polish $2 

Gel Polish $18 

Hands Polish Change $10 

Toes Polish Change $12 

Hands Gel Polish Change $28 

Toes Gel Polish Change $30 

Kid's Services (3-9 years old)

Manicure $15 

Pedicure $20 

Hands Gel Polish Change $5 

Toes Gel Polish Change $8 


Classic $30 

Give your feet a breather. Include: cut, shape, & trim toenails. Cuticle work. Lotion. Hot towels. Polish

Add sugar scrub/callus $5

Add paraffin dip/hot stone $10

Combo Treatment $45 

Enjoy a flawless quick spa pedicure. Include the Classic and: natural sea salt soak, 100% sugar scrub, mud masque, and massage cream.

Men's Special $45 

Include Classic. Everything you need to fresh your legs and feet. The callus treatment cleans the bottom of your feet. Relax more w-longer massage w-sugar scrub, masque, & lotion.

Herbal $52 

Include Classic. Relax your body w-longer massage. Included products: essential oil, dried herbs, scrubs, masque, lotion, & massage oil. All of these are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Ultimate $62 

You don't have to be royal to get the royalty treatment! Include the Classic and 5 steps pedicure experience: Detox your body & get the longest massage. Then pick from the paraffin treatment or hot stone to complete the Ultimate.